2 TPLMB Air Purifiers P60

1. Compact Size: Dimensions of 6.3″D x 6.3″W x 10.2″H, making it suitable for small spaces and bedrooms.

2. Effective for Small Rooms: Covers an area of up to 215 square feet, ideal for bedrooms and small offices.

3. Advanced H13 HEPA Filter: Captures 99.97% of airborne particles including dust, smoke, and pollen.

4. Fragrance Sponge: Allows for adding essential oils, enhancing air quality with your preferred scent.

5. Quiet Operation: Noise level as low as 24 dB, ensuring minimal disturbance, especially during sleep.

6. Efficient Air Circulation: Features 360-degree air intake and dual pressurized ducts for comprehensive air purification.

7. Night Light Feature: Includes a soft light option for a comfortable sleep environment.

8. Easy Control: Touch control method for convenient operation.

9. Energy Efficient: AC powered and designed for low energy consumption.

10. Filter Replacement Indicator: Alerts when it’s time to change the filter for consistent performance.

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Introducing the TPLMB Air Purifiers Model P60 – a sleek, compact, and powerful solution for enhancing the air quality in your personal spaces. Designed for bedrooms and small-sized rooms, this air purifier model, available in a convenient 2-pack, combines efficiency, aesthetics, and innovation to create an environment that’s not just clean, but also rejuvenating and restful.

Key Features of the TPLMB P60 Air Purifier

– Product Dimensions: Measuring 6.3″D x 6.3″W x 10.2″H, the P60 is an ideal size for any bedroom or small room.
– Effective Area Coverage: Optimized for spaces up to 215 square feet, making it perfect for bedrooms, small offices, or studio apartments.
– Advanced Filtration: Equipped with an H13 HEPA filter, renowned for its ability to capture 99.97% of airborne particles, including dust, smoke, hair, and wildfire particles.
– Low Noise Operation: With a sound level dropping to just 24 decibels at its lowest fan speed, the P60 ensures quiet operation, especially crucial for uninterrupted sleep.
– Fragrance Sponge Feature: Unique to the P60, this feature allows you to add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, dispersing a pleasant fragrance as it purifies the air.
– Certifications and Safety: The P60 is FCC Certified, ETL Certified, and CARB Certified, ensuring compliance with the highest safety and environmental standards.

Experience Superior Air Purification

– 360-Degree Air Intake Technology: This feature ensures efficient air circulation, capturing pollutants from all angles.
– Dual Pressurized Air Ducts: These ducts enhance the air purification process, ensuring quick and comprehensive coverage of the entire room.
– Ideal for Sensitive Individuals: Particularly beneficial for pet owners, parents with newborns, and individuals with asthma or allergies.

User-Friendly Design and Functionality

– Night Light Mode: Switch to a soothing night light, offering a soft glow that’s perfect for creating a calming sleep environment.
– Touch Control Method: Simple and intuitive touch controls make it easy to adjust settings according to your preferences.
– Energy Efficient: Powered by AC, the P60 is designed to be energy-saving, making it a cost-effective addition to your home.

Maintenance and After-Sales Service

– Official Filter Replacement Reminder: After 1500 hours of use, a red indicator light will alert you to change the filter. For optimal performance, use the official replacement filters (search “B0C5F4P9ZV”).
– Quality Assurance: TPLMB stands behind their product with a 100% quality guarantee, backed by multiple tests and certifications like EPA, CE, FCC, RoHS, and CARB.


The TPLMB Air Purifiers P60 Model is more than just an air purifier; it’s a commitment to a healthier, more pleasant living environment. Whether it’s reducing allergens, neutralizing odors, or simply ensuring a restful night’s sleep, the P60 model is designed to cater to your wellbeing. Its combination of high-efficiency filtration, innovative features, and user-friendly design makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their indoor air quality. Embrace cleaner, fresher, and more fragrant air with the TPLMB P60 Air Purifier, a smart investment in your health and comfort.


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